Comunication Unit




The Communication Office of the Health Department of Valencia-La Fe has prioritised providing to the entire Office's staff relevant information through the intranet and its newsletters. Apart from that, it gives diffusion to the celebration of cultural days, public events and meetings for patients and professionals.


It also includes a Press Office responsible of the relationships between the mass media and the management of interviews, videos and documentaries made in our installations. Information about the duty of this hospital is provided for this office and it is directed to the media and the general public.


In the same way, along with the Patient Services Department, the Teaching Management and the Institutional Relations Unit, it manages different activities with many patient associations, educational organizations and education centers as well as with related entities in the health sector such as visits, seminars or meetings.


Contact information:

1st floor of the Dirección, Docencia y Administración building.

106,Avinguda de Fernando  Abril Martorell

E-46026 Valencia

Tel. +34 961 244 256 | + 34 961 244 259

E-mail: prensa_lafe


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