Greetings from the Manager



Welcome to the Health Department of Valencia-La Fe, a referent hospital both within and outside the Comunitat Valenciana by its assistance side and its teaching and researcher labor.


Our lemma "Innovation and experience to the patient's service" is nowadays more present than ever as this hospital represents the union of two of the most important fundamental pillars of our activity: the experience of more than 40 years of work, research and teaching and the best technological resources that today bring us these modern installations, provided with the latest developments in services and equipment.


The University and Polytechnic La Fe Hospital of Valencia is the main sanitarian project of the Comunitat Valenciana and it is considered one of the best public hospitals in Europe. In this center we attend daily around 3,000 patients in our external consultations, 1,000 hospitalized patients and more than 600 in Emergency, potentiating at the same time the ambulatory activity and the alternatives to the hospitalization, such as surgery without hospitalization, day hospital, hospitalization at home and telemedicine.


From the Health Department we appreciate your interest in our webpage and we invite you to continue visiting it, not only for getting to know us but also for helping in our improvement as we want to receive any suggestion which involves any benefit in the attention that we provide to the citizenship.


Thank you.