Other Services for Patients and Visitors




There are two cafeterias opened to the public on the ground floor of the hospital. One is located in the hall of the outpatient area (between Building D and E) and another one in the entrance for patients and visitors (Building E). Furthermore, different lobbies of the hospital have vending machines.


Moreover, you willfind another cafeteria on the ground floor of the building of Management, Administration and Education.







One can get the card which activates the television in every sitting room located next to the elevators on every floor.






Hospital Universitari I Politècnic La Fe has a library for patients and their families in order to make the hospital stay more bearable. It is located in the hall of the entrance for patient and visitors, on the ground floor of the hospital (Building G).



The contact number is: 961244399 (ext. 244399).









Hospital La Fe has a multi-confessional place located on the first floor of the hospital (Building E). It is available for patients, visitors and hospital workers.



Patient Care and Information Unit (SAIP) will inform you onthe availability of the services related to your own religion, in case you are not catholic.







Bloos donation



Hospital activity of the Community of Valencia requires around 190,000 blood donations per year, donated to the Centro de Transfusiones de la Comunidad Valencia (Blood establishment of the Community of Valencia).



The daily use of blood in the hospitals of Valencia is of 800 units. For example, one patient who suffers leukaemia needs donations from more than 250 donors during his/her treatment.


Blood can be donated at the room available for this practice on the ground floor of the entrance for patients and visitors (South zone). The service hours are from Monday to Friday: 8:30-21:00.



You can check the entrance on this map



You will find information on other places where you can donate blood on the webpage of the Centro de Transfusiones de la Comunidad Valenciana:






Organ donation and transplants


Hospital La Fe is authorized to do all kinds of organ and tissue transplants (kidney, heart, lung, bone marrow, cornea...). The lack of organs is a terrible problem for those who need a transplant to continue living. Organ donation is a free, voluntary and altruist act which saves many lives.


If you need more information you can consult the Transplant Coordination of Hospital La Fe.





When a patient dies he/she is taken to the morgue. 24 hours later, when the doctor has signed the death certificate, the family can take the body to the cemetery or to the funerary house. If the death was due to a car accident or due to an uncertain cause, the body is taken to the Forensic Anatomical Institute (School of Medicine) so that the autopsy can be performed.






Apart from the legal autopsies which are obliged by law, there are clinical autopsies which try to determine the precise nature of the disease and its causes. In these cases, the doctor must ask permission to the family before performing the autopsy.